Fraud Alerts


Fraudulent Check Alert

Please be aware that fraudulent check schemes are very prevalent. If you receive a check from someone you do not know, be very careful. You can and will be held responsible for any checks (including cashier’s checks) you deposit that are returned as fraudulent.

Common schemes are:

  • Foreign lottery awards
  • Secret shopper scams
  • Receiving “extra money” for the sale of an item with a request to send money back or to a 3rd party via Western Union or Moneygram.
  • Receiving money for renting an apartment or house
  • Advertising fake items for sale or rent


  • Wire money to the other party through Western Union or Moneygram
  • Give out personal financial information (bank account number, social security, PayPal, etc.)

Checks you deposit may be returned as fraudulent even after any holds have expired. If you deal with people in distant locations, you are at risk!

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